The simien mountain is one of the genuine great nations of Africa, rising to the most significant point in Ethiopia, Ras Dejen (4620m), which is the fourth most raised top in the landmass. Notwithstanding the way that in Africa and not extremely far from the equator, day off ice appear on the most surprising concentrations and night temperatures as often as possible fall underneath zero.

The typical event which happened million years earlier made an extraordinary scene, significant gullies and zeniths, giving the Semien Mountains the most magnificent View. The high zeniths including Ras Dashen (4439 mts), which is the most surprising mountain in Ethiopia, the significant gullies and valleys what’s more with the grain field gives the most splendid scene.

The roads which are not so much possible to be crossed with 4WDs makes the Semien Mountain the best spot for trekking. Here, it’s possible to trek for a significant period of time with high probability of encountering the Gelada Baboons, Walias and the Simien fox, anyway with less repeat.