The Ethiopian Rift Valley, which is a one of the notable East African Rift Valley, includes different common springs, flawless lakes and an arrangement of untamed life. The valley is the result of two equal faults on the planet’s surface between which, in distant topographical time (Cenozoic period), the outside was weakened, and the land faded away. Ethiopia is often suggested as the “water tower” of Eastern Africa because of the various streams that pour off the high tableland. The Great Rift Valley’s area through Ethiopia is separate by a chain of seven lakes. All of the seven lakes has its own one of a kind novel life and character and gives ideal living spaces to the flooding collection of broadly differed vegetation that make the region an amazing and remarkable objective for guests.

Most by far of the lakes are suitable and alright for swimming and other water sports. Likewise, Lake Abijyata and Shalla are ideal spots for land and water proficient fowl watchers. Most of the Rift valley lakes are not totally abused for vacationer purposes except for Lake Langano where guest class hotels are built. The Rift valley is also a site of different standard normal springs and the creation substance of the underground springs are outstandingly regarded for their healing purposes. To lay it out simply, the Rift valley is contributed with various flawless lakes, different normal springs, warm and awesome environment and an arrangement of untamed life. It is considered as probably the best district for short time frame visitors in Ethiopia.