Surma tribe live in the southwestern place of Ethiopia. They raise cows and ranch when the land is ripe. Steers are essential to surma, giving them status. The more cows a tribesman has, the wealthier they are. All together for a man to wed ladies in the surma clan, he should possess in any event 60 dairy cattle. Dairy cattle are given to the group of the lady in return for marriage. Like different clans, the surmas will utilize the milk and blood from the dairy animals. During the dry season, the individuals will drink blood rather than milk. Blood can be depleted from a dairy animals once every month. This is finished by making a little cut in it’s neck.

They are a lot of like the Mursi clan and practice similar customs. The ladies wear lip plates that are made out of mud. The men in the clan battle with sticks called Dongas. Both the people scar their bodies.