The incredible limestone caves of Sof Omar make a day’s exploring from Dinsho, Robe or Goba. The street leaves Robe town, crossing the cultivating regions toward the east, before slipping into the marshes. Here the vegetation is totally different being dry marsh with lush fields. The caverns lie at 1,300 m above ocean level. This is in checked complexity to what you will involvement with the Bale Mountains at up to 4,000 m. Altogether different creatures happen en route also, most perceptibly the Greater and Lesser Kudu – the two family members of the Mountain Nyala, and the modest dik eland. The caverns themselves convey the entire progression of the Web River that ascents in the Bale Mountains, underground through magnificently cut natural hollows for a separation of one and a half kilometers. There are more than fifteen kilometers of related sections, which require ability, time and exceptional hardware for a full investigation. In any case, a well disposed neighborhood guide will give you enough to blow your mind and make the outing beneficial, for an hour or for whatever length of time that you want to spend. A cool plunge free River a short time later invigorates you for the arrival drive. Full subtleties of the caverns are given in the booklet, “The Caves of Sof Omar” realistic from the Ethiopian Tourism Commission.