Nachisar National Park is in eastern North Omo Zone. The zonal capital, Arba Minch, is on the western outskirt of the recreation center. Arba Minch is 510 km south of the capital Addis Ababa and 279 km south-west of the territorial capital Hawassa. Nechisar is named after the white grass that covers the undulating Nechisar fields and appears differently in relation to the dark basalt rocks of the Amaro Mountains toward the east, and the dark soils of the fields. Around 15% of the recreation center contains segments of Lakes Abaya toward the north and Chamo toward the south. The water of Lake Abaya is constantly dark colored or red-darker because of iron-ferric, conversely with Lake Chamo which has strikingly blue water and white sandy shorelines. The recreation center additionally covers the neck of land between the lakes which supports groundwater woodland. At the foot of Mt Tabala in the south-east there are underground aquifers. The two lakes have great populaces of fish, including Nile roost, and there is a little, present day angling industry. Crocodiles flourish in Lake Chamo and are being separated monetarily for their exceedingly prized skins.