The Mursi tribes are the most mainstream in Ethiopia’s Omo Valley. They are notable for their one of a kind lip plates. They are settled around the Omo River and in the Mago National Park. Because of the atmosphere, they move two times per year between the winter and summer months. They crowd cows and develop crops along the banks of the Omo River.The Mursi ladies paint their bodies and face in white. They likewise are the ones who wear the lip plates. Ladies of the Mursi clan may have their lips cut at 15 years old or 16. A little mud plate is then embedded into the lip. As the years progressed, bigger plates are embedded into the lip making it stretch. The bigger the earth plate, the more the lady is worth before she gets hitched. It is said that the earth plates were initially used to forestall catch by slave brokers. Albeit extremely one of a kind and part of their convention, the Mursi ladies just wear the plates for a brief timeframe on the grounds that they are so overwhelming and awkward. Men of the Mursi likewise utilize white paint for their bodies and faces. Much the same as some other ethnic clan in the lower valley, the men must breeze through an assessment before they can get hitched. A Mursi man is given a stick called a Donga and must face one adversary. The men at that point fight it out, beating each other with the sticks. The primary contender to submit loses and the champ is taken by a gathering of ladies to figure out who he will wed. Men of the clan likewise practice scarification.