Mago National Park is in South Omo Zone, 35 km south-west of Jinka, the authoritative focal point of the Zone. The recreation center misleads the north of a huge 90? Twist in the Omo River. Toward the west is the Tama Wildlife Reserve, with the Tama River framing the limit? South of the Omo waterway is the Murulle Controlled Hunting Area, with a significant wetland Lake Dip close to the stream. The Mago River moves through the focal point of the recreation center and joins the Neri waterway at Mago swamp, before proceeding with southwards to join the Omo River. Territories along the lower Omo (inside the recreation center) are populated with a rich decent variety of ethnic gatherings including the Ari, Banna, Bongoso, Hamar, Karo, Muguji, Male, Surma and Mursi people groups. Some of these gatherings live next to the waterway and utilize its common assets and fundamentally rely upon dairy cattle Nomado-pasturalist.