Bahir Dar which means lake shore city, is 560 km far from Addis Abeba. Bahir Dar is the capital neighborhood town of the Amhara zone. It has a step by step excursion of Ethiopian transporters, different incredible hotels and it is arranged on the southern shore of Lake Tana. This is the wellspring of the Blue Nile, with its most breathtaking segment, the Tis Isat falls. countless the lake Tana Island have eminent heavenly places ,, for instance, the island of Dega .on the island of Dega Esatifanos you will find the religious network of Dega Setifanos which has a significant gathering of images and unique duplicates and houses the preserved remains of different Ethiopian head.

Lake Tana has thirty-seven islands, twenty of which are home to chapels and religious communities. Some of them dated back to the thirteenth century and numerous others are dated from the fourteenth century to the Gonderine time of the seventeenth and eighteenth hundreds of years. A significant number of the first places of worship of Lake Tana are said to be redesigned and recreated during the Gonderine time frame.

A large number of the houses of worship and religious communities of Lake Tana are well known social historical centers as a result of their delightful wall painting works of art and numerous other significant fortunes, for example, assortments of crosses, crowns, ensembles of Kings, lit up original copies, preserved bodies and stays of a few Ethiopia Emperors in wooden pine boxes and glass boxes. Furthermore, they have been utilized as the significant displaced people for some social fortunes of the nation all in all and the Ethiopian Orthodox Church specifically during the seasons of war and more awful conditions in the historical backdrop of the nation like the overwhelming wars of Ahmed Gragn.