The date varies, usually it falls on April or May. Easter is probably the best celebration of the Ethiopian individuals, celebrated following 55 days of fasting. Dedicated supporters of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church offer every day supplications at the Church and don’t eat until 3 PM, aside from Saturday and Sunday when petitions are led promptly in the first part of the day. Easter consistently happens in brilliant climate and gigantic exertion is placed into making the event vital. Blessings are set up for youngsters and the vast majority are shining in their best garments, ordinarily the astonishing white customary dress. Everybody spends Easter Eve at the Church imploring until 3 am the point at which it is declared that Christ has risen! This, in sensational differentiation to the splendid gem shades of the stately velvets and glossy silks of the ministers’ robes and sequined velvet umbrellas, make this celebration totally astonishing