Debre Damo religious community is orchestrated on an isolated mountain in northern bit of Tigray. Some place in the scope of three hours drive from Axum with the starting late restored road and an additional one hour hard rising walk around where the road shuts down. (Dependent upon your health) lies, the explosive strict network of Debre Damo, it is unique differentiated and most Ethiopian shelters. Debre Damo was worked in the 6th century AD with twisted wood plates, painting rooftops and dividers gave to the ledged of Saint Abune Areggawi, the verifiable background of Debre Damo is focus on the Nine Saints who came to Ethiopia from Syria and other Europe domains in the 6th century during the reign of Kaleb and Gebremeskel to enlarge Christianity in the country particularly the northern bit of Ethiopia. Among them Abune Areggawi brought about these current conditions level top mountain to set up and pesters the load of Debre Damo

Debre Damo is only accessible by rising a rope, which is involved animal calfskin brought down from the feigns, which visitors tie around their midriff and are then pulled up by a cleric at the most elevated purpose of the slopes. It’s simply permitted to men and male animals, women and even female animals are denied to enter. It’s wonderful with respect to its zone and wide assembling of amazingly significant unique duplicates that have remained unsullied till present time. It has transformed into an indisputable strict and significant educational spot for Ethiopian Christianity for an extensive period of time, various books and arrangements have been made and implied Ge’ze on animal skins and passed on all through the country.