Omo National Park

Omo National Park is found in the West bank of the Omo River which continues running along the Sudan periphery. The entertainment focus is home for a couple of wild animals. The entertainment focus allows to trekking where one can visit the Suma people, who are essentially similar with Mursi where the women wear an […]

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Gambella National Park

Located around 600 kilometers from Addis Ababa on the stream Baro, Gambela offers access to the Gambela National Park. The undulating fields of high Sudanese grass offer unbelievable open entryways for wild examination. It isn’t particularly easy to find a good pace the stream are to be found huge Nile perch, as much as 100 […]

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The Semien National Park

The simien mountain is one of the genuine great nations of Africa, rising to the most significant point in Ethiopia, Ras Dejen (4620m), which is the fourth most raised top in the landmass. Notwithstanding the way that in Africa and not extremely far from the equator, day off ice appear on the most surprising concentrations […]

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Bale Mountain National Park

Ethiopia’s most huge biodiversity spot, Bale Mountains National Park supports a rich mosaic of high-height living spaces including luxurious evergreen boondocks, stands of beast bamboo, pastel-covered moorland, and protected stream valleys swathed in fragrant juniper-hagenia woods. Named as a theoretical UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site in 2009, the entertainment focus is the most critical post […]

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