Fasika – (Easter)

The date varies, usually it falls on April or May. Easter is probably the best celebration of the Ethiopian individuals, celebrated following 55 days of fasting. Dedicated supporters of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church offer every day supplications at the Church and don’t eat until 3 PM, aside from Saturday and Sunday when petitions are led […]

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Timkat – Ethiopian Epiphany (January 19th or 20th)

Complimenting the Baptism of Christ, every January nineteenth (January 20 during bounce year), Timkat is the best lovely festival of Orthodox Christians in Ethiopia. It lauds the Baptism of Christ by John the Baptist. The eve of Timket is called Ketera. This is where the Tabots of every assembly are finished in march to a […]

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Gena – Ethiopian Christmas

Ledet (Christmas) falls on December 29 Ethiopian timetables (January 7 Gregorian calendar). Christmas, called Lidet, isn’t the basic strict and regular festival that it has advanced toward turning out to be in Western countries. Falling on 7 January, it is applauded sincerely by a house of prayer assembling that continues for the length of the […]

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‘Meskel’ – The Finding of the True Cross

The festival of Meskel is second in centrality just to Timkat and has been applauded in the country for over 1,600 years. The word truly means “cross” and the dinner recollects the exposure of the Cross whereupon Jesus was executed by the Empress Helena, the mother of Constantine the Great. The principal event happened on […]

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‘Enkutatash’ Ethiopian New Year Ethiopian New Year

The Ethiopian New Year falls in September close to the completion of the huge deluges. The sun ends up sparkling for the duration of the day making a demeanor of shocking clearness and new clean air. The great nations go to gold as the Meskel daisies burst out in the aggregate of their quality. Ethiopian […]

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