Awash National Park takes its name from the Awash River which means the entertainment focus’ southern cutoff is discovered 225 km east of Addis Ababa, spread a zone of 827 square kilometers (319 square miles) the Park stretches out 30km east to west and to some degree less from north to south. The region is on a very basic level acacia backwoods and prairie. Lying in the marshes east of Addis Ababa, and striding the National Park is one of the handpicked holds in Ethiopia as it’s the most reachable national park in the country. The Awash River, one of the critical conduits of the Horn of Africa, waters huge cultivating territories in the north-eastern bit of Ethiopia and over the long haul streams into the wild of Danakil Depression. The enthusiastic Awash Falls as the stream tumbles into its gorge is the site not to be missed in the national park.

Immersed National Park including the lethargic bounty of Fantale is one of the key features of the diversion focus on the southern flank of which can be seen the diminish scar of the last magma stream of 1820 is a spare of completely dry and semi-very dry woods and Savannah, with riverine boondocks along the Awash River. Forty-six sorts of animals have been perceived here, including Beisa Oryx and Swayne’s Hartebeest. The feathered animal life is profitable especially along the conduit and in among the 392 species recorded. The other segment is the turquoise-blue pools of the normal underground springs in the incredible north of the amusement focus where you can value swimming and washing. Immersed national park is a champion among other ideal national park for the people who are charmed with nature, untamed life and birding with obliged timetable.

Flying animal life in excess of 350 species are recorded for the amusement focus: They reach out from the uncommon ostrich, frequently and successfully viewed, and the less typical Secretary Bird and Abyssinian Ground Hornbill, to the flashes of magnificent pink which are the Carmine Bee-eaters, and the Abyssinian Roller with turquoise and purple, wings, between these two limits, flying animals of the riverine woodlands, Coucal, Turaco, Go-away Birds; flying animals of prey; and flying animals of the savannah toward the north at Filwoha lies the underground springs desert garden in its backwoods of palm trees. The Awash River gorge in the south of the diversion focus has some explosive falls near the amusement focus home office.