Bena, and Benna are various spellings for the Bena clan. They are neighbors with the Hamer family and it is acknowledged that the Bena truly began from them many years back. The business divisions in Key Afer and Jinka are routinely visited by them. Much equivalent to most by far of the indigenous groups in the lower Omo Valley, the Bena practice custom moving and singing. The men consistently have their hair tidied up with a splendid earth top that is improved with crest. Both the individuals wear long pieces of attire and paint their bodies with white chalk. Women of the tribe wear specks in their hair that is held together with spread.

The Bena look on a very basic level equivalent to the Hamer and are normally called the Hamer-Bena. Essential services and customs of various families are shared by the Bena. The youngsters in the tribe look into bull bouncing. Whenever it is the perfect open door for the child to transform into a man, he should bob over different bulls uncovered without falling. In case he can complete this task, he will wind up taking care of business and have the alternative to marry a woman.