About 215 kilometress from Addis Ababa, visitors will meet up at Abijata-Shala National Park guideline entryway or “Lakes Park” which was once assumed as one of the winged animal watchers ground in Africa. It was 887 square.kilometress in domain out of which 482 square.kilometress is verified by water of Lake Abijata and Shala. This park used to have around 31 kinds of warm blooded animals, for instance, Spotted Hyena, Golden and Black Backed Jakals, Olive Baboon, Grant’s Gazelle, etc., and 367 sorts of fowls. However, starting at now because of squashed condition and absurd reduction of Abijata Lake water, one can see simply less combination of flamingoes.

Beforehand, pack of close by and exceptional winged creatures that begin from Europe and different bits of the world used to collect here in at Lake Abijata. July to September being the zenith time of social occasion (and best time to watch winged creatures) in the year. An immense number of Flamingoes and Great White Pelicans, Fish Eagles, King Fishers, the tall Marabou Stork, Cormorants and Darters, etc used to wander here in Lake Abijata and in the side-by lake Shala. There were moreover huge conditions of blessed Ibis, Queela, Stilt, Snope Black Heron, Avocet, Egyptian Geeze, Eglets, Plovers, etc. It is truly unlikely nevertheless, to see most by far of the winged animals referenced above while a couple of creature bunches are found in unobtrusive number (consistently), as a result of a comparable explanation communicated previously.

Arranged at 215 kilometers from Addis Ababa the little fenced in region of Ostrich estate has a social event of ostriches with some Grant’s Gazelles. At the diversion focus’ head quarter one can without quite a bit of a stretch (watch) a gathering of male and female ostriches and a couple of gazelles. Lake Shala, which is segregated toward the south from lake Abijata by a segment of land has an amazing perspective for its dim blue concealing with bewildering impressions of the famous western slants. At the north eastern shore of the lake Shala, one can be interested by a tumbling course of regular springs and smoke of fume that flood out down to the bay. This is ordinary endeavor potential for spa resort improvement and a couple of examiners are being pulled in by this immaculate nature.

The other intriguing bit of the lake is the Gike Site. It is orchestrated on the gaudy land at the south western shore of lake Shala. This is the best site for flying animal viewing and outside. It is open by a solid vehicle through Aware and Senbete towns found south of Shashamane. Lake Shala is furthermore the ideal lake for water transportation to make visiting around the little islands and for partner its western and eastern shore.

South west of lake Shala, there is moreover a little dissolvable pit lake known as lake Chittu. This little lake, more than some other lake, is the best site of winged creature seeing, especially the flamingoes. Chittu is open by four wheel drive by methods for Sambaté town.